I offer you a warm welcome!  I invite you to experience success.

You  have found a place of respite, a place where you can relax, a place where you are seen and heard and someone cares about you.  Here is where someone understands you and your potential and recognizes and empathizes with any pain or frustration you may be experiencing..  Here is where you will find answers and solutions that will empower you to : Feel Better. Be Stronger. Live Richer.


The Root Cause

Much too often, we set out with a dream we want to succeed in harvesting.  We begin to dig the hole to plant the seed of this goal, only to find we somehow ended up IN the hole and find we can’t get out!

Perhaps your efforts have left you feeling barren…Are you:

  • Frustrated and feeling trapped in a rut;
  • Overwhelmed by health issues or financial woes;
  • Anxious and confused on how to progress, or perhaps
  • Yearning for more fulfillment and joy.

The truth is that it is not your fault.  The majority of your actions stem from deep-seated beliefs and emotions – many of which could be seed thoughts tainted with self-defeat and self-sabotage.  This could be causing a disruption in your system and no matter how hard you try, you can’t reach your success. Yet, you may not even be aware of them.  They are your unknown obstacles,  like weeds, planted in the way of your fruitful harvest of vitality, joy and abundance.  Yet just like the dandelion, removing the roots, removes the problem.  And I KNOW that removing the problem gives you the opportunity to GROW your success.  I know because I have been there personally and professionally and seen and experienced the results, in my life and with my clients and students. I believe you can reach your goal too.

Bringing Dreams to Fruition

That’s where the body’s energy comes in.  It doesn’t lie.  By utilizing this insightful truth-meter, you can dig up your unknown feelings and limiting attitudes and then release their harmful negative effects faster than traditional methods.  The results are long lasting and transformative.

Quantum growth for a fulfilling life:

  • Rapidly identify what’s impeding your success;
  • Dissolve the gripping negativity that has hindered your progress;
  • Take charge with down-to-earth exercises you can do yourself, and
  • Plant the seeds of joy and nourish them with time and energy

Blossom with Group Learning Experiences

Lynn Bretsnyder, will be your partner in possibilities of living a richer, fuller life.   Some of the opportunities to learn will be in exotic locations like Costa Rica or dolphin encounters in Key West and Mexico are some examples.  Play is a strong part of this work.  Explore. Empower. Expand.

It is all about you and where you want to go in life.  The Energy Way Solutions is on your side with an open heart being an agent of positive transformation in your life game plan.  So what do you want more of?

Grow Your Chance of Success

Studies show that when you partner with a mentor or coach, you increase your chances of success sevenfold.  (Why do you think sports stars and entertainers have them?  It gives them the edge.)  And when you harness the magnetic power of energy, you put yourself on the fast track to burgeoning.  That’s the tremendous advantage of The Energy Way, and the reason why so many clients have sought my unique blend of expertise. This is why I do what I do, because I am passionate about getting results that enrich your life.  Together, we can liberate you from your obstacles and pain and help you reach your fullest potential.  I believe you can do it.  I believe you are worth it.  All you need to do is decide it is so.

For groundbreaking results, contact me at The Energy Way today

Here is what  our satisfied clients say:

Lynn never fails to amaze in her ability to go straight to the heart of what’s blocking me subconsciously. I kept falling down the rabbit hole of confusion, fear and despair. But in just three weekly sessions, she helped me deepen my trust in life and move toward joy. The result is I feel more hopeful and at peace knowing I’m on my way to bringing my dreams to fruition.  — D.B.

 I can’t believe that in one session you could go to, and clear out, an issue that would take 6 months otherwise.  I’m very surprised and impressed. ~~H.K.

Lynn is so unassuming , you would never suspect she has a large talent. But she does.

At first her only obvious gift was the ability to relax me after a tough day at work. When I saw her, I almost always fell asleep during our sessions. And I always felt better after.

Gradually I discovered that I was feeling better most of the time. I was dealing with the job better. Stress, feeling overwhelmed, the constant barrage of minor, urgent matters blocking the way to doing the most important things – they were all still there, but they weren’t as exhausting.

Then one day, through Lynn’s guidance,  I understood the reason for a lifetime of seething anger, and suddenly and easily, that long, ugly struggle was over. How much better a day becomes without it.

I believe Lynn has a gift for energy medicine. She has received advanced training from perhaps the greatest energy therapist of our time, Donna Eden.  Lynn is extraordinarily good at her work.

This is being written just before Thanksgiving. One of the things I’m thankful for is Lynn Bretsnyder.~~R.C.

Lynn Bretsnyder
Lynn Bretsnyder
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