I am standing in support for you, for your prosperity, your wellbeing, and your highest potential.

I know it’s possible, no matter how improbable it might seem.  How can I be so sure? Because I’ve been there—stuck, lost, and overwhelmed.

In 1992, I hit rock bottom.  The eye of Hurricane Andrew wiped out my home, my health and my business.  I was devastated.  I was also a victim and lost myself in that.  What I didn’t realize then is that challenges, like nothing else, can compel us to evolve and expand.  After some time and study, I learned through the methodology I offer you now, I was able to not just survive, but to flourish and am now enjoying the fruits of what life has to offer.

I experienced firsthand the amazing power of energy work.  By releasing deep-seated sabotaging programming,  I could fully align my mind and energy with my intentions, attracting what I wanted with less struggle or delay.  Things flowed to me easier and there was greater joy in the process.  The more I studied these self-empowering modalities, the more I believed they could help others.

That’s why I do what I do.  More than a vocation, this is my calling.  My contribution is to empower you to make your contribution.  I’m ready to put my 12 + years of advanced learning and practical know-how to show you how to live your greatest life and share your most precious gifts with others.

Let me guide you beyond fears, blocks and lack to a life of more vitality, more abundance and more joy.  You deserve nothing less.  Contact me for a free consulation.


Lynn Bretsnyder-CAEEMP, CQP, CMI

Taking a nondenominational approach, she includes spirit into this rich holistic mix, as she ministers your needs and problems. . This is her wish for you—Feel Better. Be Stronger. Live Richer!  You deserve it…:)

Trainer-Speaker-Energy Balancer, Your Partner in Possibilities-Lynn is here to serve and educate with an open heart!

Lynn lives in her own bit of paradise in Coconut Grove, FL and still journeys about the world, ever the student of life and all it has to offer.  She is happy and grateful for everything, especially the Chocolate Haystacks from the Farmer’s Market.  🙂



Certified Advanced Eden Energy Balancing Practitioner (Donna Eden)- 4 year program10402850_10152404285595102_1109206640983368657_n

Authorized Energy Medicine for Women Teacher (Donna Eden)

Authorized Energy Medicine 101 and 102 Teacher (Donna Eden)









Certified Tapping into Wealth Coach – EFT (Margaret Lynch)

Money allows you to live at the fullest expression of your creativity, productivity, generosity, joy, passion and life purpose.
Margaret Lynch



Certified Quantum Healing (Seer Holistic Health Institute)

Certified Intuitive Readings (Seer Holistic Health Institute)

Advanced Fearless Forever and Master Teacher Training with Kim Seer

Feminine Power Mastery

Reiki Master

Lynn Bretsnyder
Lynn Bretsnyder
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