Adding Energy for Powerful Thoughts

In the last blog, Thoughts that are Powerful, I talked about how most of our thoughts are unconscious. Also, how many of our thoughts are not congruent, making it harder to manifest. Please read  for more on that subject. 

Having studied for years with Donna Eden and being advanced in her Energy Medicine system, I have learned many techniques that are simple and powerful.  So let’s try learning one that will add more power and energy to your thought or affirmation.  We will be working with the Central Meridian, which runs up the front of the body from the pubic bone to the chin just under the lip. 

First, pick an affirmation that you would like to have manifest in your life.  In the last blog, I mentioned having more clients.  So you could say, I have 5 new clients per week.  However, to me that doesn’t have enough emotion to it.  If I was working with you, I would take you through a process to find the strongest emotion.  But for now, let’s say, I have 5 new wonderful clients who love my work! Please note that this could be even more refined. 

So with our statement, we will now perform a Zip Up while stating the affirmation.  The more positive emotion you put in this the better.  The Zip Up is simply to trace Central Meridian upward from the pubic bone to the chin with your hand.  Repeat for a total of 3 times to add more power to your thoughts!!  Happy Manifesting!  Let me know how it goes…

Thoughts that are powerful

I was just thinkin’….  

Did you know that more than 90% of our thoughts are not conscious, are just old recycled thoughts, or are programmed thoughts by the media that we keep repeating over and over again?  How can we ever expect to create something new with old thoughts?

Suppose you want to manifest new clients.  One part of your thought process is, Wow, that would be great!   I could have more money, help more people and feel more confident.  The other part is saying,  Wow, what if I get overwhelmed?  What if I’m not good enough?  And what if I don’t deserve to have what I want? 

Both parts of this thought process have emotions attached to it.  So which side wins?  The side with the strongest emotions.  The strongest emotions always have  the strongest vibrations.  Since thoughts are energy and energy vibrates, we are literally vibrating our desires out into the world.  Passion about what we want and fear and doubt about what we don’t want.  Both thoughts are powerful.  Which one will you focus on? 

This is basically Law of Attraction in a nutshell.  However, when we add energy work to it, we can speed up and intensify the process.  There are many ways to approach this and I go into this extensively in my learning experiences.  However, I will give you a technique next week that makes thoughts more powerful, so stay tuned. 

In the meantime, please let me know of your success or frustration with the Law of Attraction.  Just enter your comment below and I will comment back.  Thanks, Lynn

From Idea to Reality

As I contemplate this blank page, I have to marvel at the power of manifestation.  Being an idea person, I am constantly bombarded with great ones.  The problem comes in implementing them.  Like many people, I have many voices in the background saying why those ideas will never work and if I listen to them, those voices win. 

However, what happens, when we change the story and make different choices than the voices?  If we put action into our idea, aligning energy behind it and stay focused, guess what happens?  We manifest that idea.  So here I am writing my first blog.  Was it a straight, narrow, hard driving path?  No, I don’t operate like that.  At one point it was only an idea and I barely knew what a blog was, yet I held the focus and put energy behind it and now it is a reality.  We can all achieve so much more than those limiting voices tell us.  Remember, since energy is all there is, and thoughts are energy, they too can be changed.  Make your own story.  Take your idea, align your energy with it and make it a reality.  It’s all possible….       Peace and Prosperity, Lynn Bretsnyder

What’s in our stars?

So here we are hours (it is Friday 9pm EST) away from the much anticipated astrological phenomenon of the powerful grand cross on the lunar eclipse full moon.  We will never see one of these in our lifetime again!  What does that mean exactly?  Well, I am not a professional astrologer, but I have kept one little toe dipped in it for many years.  So the consensus is that this will be a time of great change and the best advice is not to resist it, but to step into it.  I think the change part is apparent and most people I know feel that something is up. Plus if we resist the change, we will end up stuck and frustrated.  That is NOT the place you want to be when you are manifesting something new or even if you want to be happy!

So that brings me to one of my favorite questions?  Do we have free will or are our lives predetermined?  Obviously such a profound question cannot be fully addressed  in a blog post, but it is worth thinking about.  My personal take is that we do have free will within the whole.  Some things are just meant to happen and are going to happen.  However, we have complete choice on how we react to and take charge of any situation presented to us.  Also, by our choices we shape our view of the world and how much power we have in it.  We can be a victim or we can be a master creator (or some lukewarm place in between 🙂 ).

So what do you think?  How do you see your place in the world?  How do you react to change?  What are you choosing?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Suggestion for change:  Always make sure you are taking great care of yourself.  I’m going to take a relaxing bath…ahhh    

PS, Since I am new to blogging, I just want you to know that my posts will vary.  Sometimes they will be funny or lighthearted.  Hopefully always thought provoking, educational and entertaining.  Thanks for reading!

Lynn Bretsnyder
Lynn Bretsnyder
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