Moving On -The Energy Way–manifesting more of your desires, more quickly

Quantum Energy Balancing–energy assessments and rebalancing;

Energy Balancing for Women–assess how your hormones and energy system are affecting your wellness

Basic Grid Reconnection– the ultimate in achieving energetic wholeness

Sessions available:

in person:

  • in Miami
  • at your location (travel charges apply)

        remote/long distance:

  • on the phone
  • Skype calling-broadband internet connection needed
  • Host Lynn as a trainer for your family or group (Remote/travel)

Want to sponsor Lynn to work with the needs of your family or group?  Contact her….

  • Attend a learning experience with Lynn

Exotic Locations like Key West or Costa Rica –let me know if you are interested in playing in paradise

From Hanging On to Moving On–take charge of your future and empower your dreams

Energy Balancing for Women–learn about your unique systems

  • Amp up your organization or business

Take it to the next level -The Energy Way–remove obstacles of what you don’t want and shift into place where what you want to achieve flows to you!

  • Invite Lynn to speak and inspire


List of Topics-Contact Lynn

The following is a story from a happy client:

When I was watering flowers in my back yard, my inexpensive, no tred flip-flops slipped and I literally went flying…right down the steps off my porch. My injuries were severe enough to keep me from moving and getting help for forty minutes. I finally pulled myself into the house, and friends…my neighbors took me to the ER. When I went to the orthopedic doctor I was told to use a wheelchair and never put weight on either foot,until he told me it was okay.
One foot was badly broken, one badly sprained, along with various other bruises and sprains.  As much as I tried, I could not remember the accident, only slipping and then dragging myself inside to my cell phone.
I needed care and exercise and needed to learn to relax again. A friend recommended Energy work and Lynn in particular.

Lynn zeroed in on my needs,  She added vitality to my life at a time when I needed it.   She is all about wellness and enriching your energy and self-healing capacities.  Her specialty is assisting you to shift from fears, blocks and  the energies of the body and mind together, to attain what will help you.

What I liked the best was her attitude which was kind and believing in me, her client.  She was non-judgemental. She did not force me into uncomfortable or painful situations or tell me my feelings were wrong.  She worked with what energy I still had, and helped me strengthen my feet and mind.  Both had taken a beating in the fall.

One day at a session, I fell asleep.  When I awoke, refreshed and happy, I remembered all that I had forgotten in the fall.  A few tears later, I explained to Lynn what I remembered, which was the entire episode. What a relief. I felt so LIGHT and began to heal quicker.
I had always believed in Quantum Physics and some kind of energy force in our universe- I learned how to use it in my time of need.  I am not clear on how it all works exactly, but I know Lynn is well- trained and really wants to help people.  That is why I wrote this recommendation- I do recommend her. I am now back to regular activities and Lynn’s energy work was just as important in the recovery as the rest of the medical team. ~ C. N.



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Lynn Bretsnyder
Lynn Bretsnyder
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