Following are the reviews of the Abundance Webinar:

That was so awesome!! Thank you so much.
Great meditation&class Lynn
I enjoyed your seminar

Thanks so much for putting this together!
I really liked your crystal meditation.
I enjoyed the class last night very much.

as magnificent as last weeks call
am looking forward to other classes you may be offering
am so excited about working with you and so much more hopeful about my future

The session tonight was fun and enlightening.  Can’t wait till next week
Awesome call tonight.  I learned some interesting things about myself.  Looking forward to next week’s call.
Awesome webinar!!! Thank you Lynn:) Can’t wait to see what manifests from here:)

I’m so happy I did your course because it made me more focused. Now moving on to a
great job adventure.  S. R., Miami


Testimonials from sessions:

Lynn introduced me to Eden Energy Medicine a few years ago. Even though I’m in good physical health, she made me feel better! She’s amazing! She totally relieved my stress. After several sessions Lynn suggested we work on my grids and her intuition was right on target.. I had 1 grid out and after about 2 hours I felt like new. During the session Lynn focused on energetic adjustments on the mental and other non-physical levels. Immediately following the session we shared our experience. Lynn gave me homework and for the next weeks I felt more confident and “whole” than ever before. I highly recommend that you have a session with Lynn!  S.A. , Miami

My knee feels a whole lot better-I’d say 85%. I can walk without the brace which is amazing.  L.K. Miami

I feel a huge difference from the vortex clearing/ healings. I definitely feel a lot safer and more secure around people now. I feel like whatever I may still be taking on is a lot less than it was before . Yay! 🙂 S.S. , Florida

Lynn Bretsnyder
Lynn Bretsnyder
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